Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Legends of Alcatraz Puzzle Keys 6 to 10 35

The next set of puzzles in the Legends of Alcatraz win a Ford Ford Mustang Sweepstake have been released. Another 5 puzzles 2 Easy, 2 Medium and 1 Hard puzzle.

There is also a video of the Legends of Alcatraz event that took place on Alcatraz itself. We will be creating a post to review the video and other writeups of that event later in the week.

Thanks to 0bFuSc8 for telling us first about the new puzzles being released.

Exit Plan (Easy)
By The Numbers (Easy)
Solitary Sounds (Medium)
Typewriter (Medium)
Careful Supervision (Hard)


  1. I've got four of the puzzles, but I'm struggling on number 7.

    Seems completely random, but I'm guessing it is a 7 letter word.

  2. OK, got puzzle 7, but I had help !

    7 is an excercise in lateral thinking, I would have said it was a medium rather than an easy though.

  3. hello.. stuck as well. If I thinking any further lateral I will not be able to walk straight.. tiny clue please. :)

  4. Clue for number 7, ignore the colours

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Not sure if this will post (trying from work) :O

    There's a tiny hint in the description/instructions for Puzzle 7 (if you read carefully).

  7. I've got a solutions post ready to go, but I'll hold of posting it until tomorrow to give people more time to solve the puzzles on their own if they want to.

  8. Zort70 and Ob_ - have been ignoring colors, connecting the dots, numbers missing, relationship to alpha, numbers there, numbers not there,

    the clown is scaring me

    first letter please dm twitter. I suck at these games.

  9. SEMLRFNKYFAEHFR - I take it this is incorrect as well. :(

  10. Teehee Lotto, Maven -- I think sleep deprivation/distraction helps.

    I'm just getting home and want to grab some dinner before I get swept away by The River.

    Regarding Puzzle 7 --
    -Percy wasn't big on FINISHING what he started...
    -Here's a paint-by-numbers he LEFT BEHIND...

    Happy to DM you if that doesn't help.

    Haven't even been able look at Puzzle 8 since the stupid hospital computers are so ridiculously maintained that they're missing plug-ins and don't give anyone (but non-existent IT) admin access. I hope it's not audio Morse code though -- I can read visual OK but suck at interpreting audio.

  11. Maven, What's up with us? Are we passed our puzzling prime, or just out of practice.

    Ob_ your clue only confused me more: "finishing" would mean "to paint", left behind does nothing for me other an to remind me of LOST. You may certainly dm me ONLY the first letter of the answer, maybe that would trigger the "uh, oh" moment.

    My comment above - the unintelligible gibberish - is my answer to puzzle #8 which is, in fact, audio. FAIL.

    Which brings me to er 9. Yikes. The left eye is reading forward and the right is reading backward and then there are those pesky superscript letters.

    Zort70, I did try, really I did. I got the 10th puzzle!

  12. I think I just don't want to think!

  13. Well, I have a whole page full of letters through the maze, rhythms of the audio and letters pointed to in the letter. Did finally get just get #7 though. So I will sleep on the others-we need a hint post before the solutions post maybe, to help each other along. My # 7 hint is - concentrate on the second seven.

  14. I finally had a little bit of time to listen to Puzzle 8 after watching The River. *Phew* It wasn't Morse audio -- if that helps anyone. (Nor was it a message from Emmett Cole ;) )

    Lotto, Maven -- It seems the MOUTHTAPEDSHUT ARG was a puzzling bootcamp for my brain and has whipped me into passable puzzling shape.

    JustThinking -- A hint post sounds like a good idea.

    I'll post some hints in the comments below...that way Zort can delete if he thinks too spoilery.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Puzzle 6 -- HINT:

    What was Percy's message to the UNSUCCESSFUL ants?

    (Looks like a pretty easy maze...where would unsuccessful ants end up/get caught up?)

  17. Lotto, didn't mean to make things worse. Let me give it another try.

    Puzzle 7 -- HINT:

    -Percy wasn't big on FINISHING what he started...(Lots of numbered empty spaces)
    -Here's a paint-by-numbers he LEFT BEHIND...(Only some numbers have assigned colors)

  18. Puzzle 8 -- Sorry, there's not a lot to hint about for this one, you're either familiar with the cryptographic technique or you aren't. I'll give it a try without just typing out the mechanism used.

    Also, it's easier to pause/rewind to listen if you use the direct audio file:
    - Solitary Sounds webm OR
    - Solitary Sounds ogg
    - OR download -- the MP4

    Scroll for HINT below:

    -NOT Morse code.
    -Square named for the ancient Greek scholar who devised it.

  19. Sorry, fixed above link for webm format:


  20. Puzzle 9 -- HINT:

    -TITLE of the puzzle...
    -...this letter...realized it was the KEY to something
    -You'll need the assistance of something both the *TITLE* and a computer have

    Lotto -- our puppetmasters threw in a little goose chase of their own for purposes of distraction. Some things pesky aren't relevant.

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  22. Puzzle 10 -- It doesn't seem like anyone needs a hint with this one. Again the so called "hard" puzzle is at best medium, if not easy.

  23. Thanks for the hints ObFuSc8

    I'm not sure what you mean about the goose chase on puzzle 9, other than trying to find the actual puzzle in the first place !

    On each of the two types there is a consistency on the placement.

  24. I've set the answers post to go live at 17:00 (GMT) today.

    If anyone has any major objections to that then please let me know.

  25. That sounds good Zort-and maybe we can still pick the brains of you clever beans here if we don't have them yet.

    Ob 8- thanks for all your hints. Haven't examined them all yet- but no Morse for #8? Drat- that was my next step.

  26. Thanks, Zort-wan-Kenobi, you're my only hope!

  27. Sat down again and got # 9 after looking at OB 8's help. My #9 hint- Look carefully at how you make words with the computer or typewriter.

  28. Alright, so there's # 8 done. Wiki says that code was actually used by some prisoners to send messages- I am getting an education here!

  29. And there is #6-the answer is what you must have to finish the puzzles!

  30. Just checkin' in!...You guys are such great puzzle-solvers...and I'm lousy at it. If I can contribute, I will, otherwise, I'll be lurking!
    :) xxoo

  31. Hi every I am new at this, just find out 6 through 10 is out. I am disabled so probably will need a little help getting this brain functioning again. LOL nice to meet everyone God Bless

  32. Hi Joyce, nice to see you here.

    If you need any hints or help from us just ask.

  33. Zort70 How do you get a copy of the puzzle that would help me out a lot. I am still stuck on #6 and not doing well with the others.
    Guess my brain is working as well as I thought


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