Saturday, 18 February 2012

Body of Evidence - Legends of Alcatraz Event Report 16

The Crime Scene - @AlcatrazLegends
What is there to do in Brooklyn on a Friday night ? That's right discover the identity of a bank robber, the answer was obvious !

We still don't know 100% what went on during the night, but thanks to one excellent twitter and Alcatraz fan, we know a lot more than we might have done.

A huge thanks to @WildeKitchen for all the information and pictures.

Thanks also to @SkyLightNYC and of course @AlcatrazLegends for tweeting information and pictures.

Earlier in the day I had searched for potential people that might be attending but by searching I found out a lot more about Brooklyn than I did about Alcatraz. Mainly that it is mandatory for someone to tweet a picture of the Brooklyn bridge or mention "No Sleep Till Brooklyn" at least once every 10 minutes.

Serious point though, I really could't find anyone to follow, apart from people setting up the event, up until a few minutes before the event started. There were lots of late tweets sent out telling people about the event, but to honest I think that it was far too late to attract people to attend.

Reading the case file - @WildeKitchen
Anyway people did start to arrive at the bank and we had information about what was happening so I will try and describe what we know.

There has been a robbery or "A Heist" to put it in 1960's terms. The crime scene has been prepared ready for investigation. It is your task to solve the crime.

From what we can see this involved examining the evidence as displayed and completing paper reports with the answers to the various questions. A police report stated that shots were fired and upon police attendance two dead bodies were found at the scene. A large amount of cash was missing and Jasper LeForte was arrested, but claims he is innocent.

As with the previous event on Alcatraz, completing one investigating form allowed the "investigator" to move on to the next section of evidence.

Again in a similar vein to the previous event there was an interactive element where one of the suspects had to be interviewed to determine some evidence about them.

Gettaway Car - @AlcatrazLegends
There was even a gettaway car to examine, A Ford Mustang, of course !

So after all the investigations where did that leave us ? A final report was handed out to those that had completed their investigations and that had some interesting information.

Gerald Mulhaney, a security guard at the bank, was arrested as a prime suspect due to his fingerprints being at the scene. He maintained his innocence and that the two dead men, Fredriq Blanc and Zeke Creitzer, were the bank robbers.

In the bank managers office a false wall was found that concealed the rest of money and a gun.

It looks like the fingerprints on the gun, which was used to shoot the men, were from the Bank Manager (name unknown but see below). Due to the evidence found Mulhaney was exhonerated of the crime.

Report - @WildeKitchen
On the final report there is one more thing, a scribbled note from Doc Soto with a phone number. When called there is a voice mail message from Soto -

"Good news bad news time.

The good news, you solved the crime and identified Landenberg as the true robber slash murderer.

The bad news he just took off. Yeah, so you gotta track him down.

The trail is heating up on"

Thanks to ObFuSc8 for the transcription.

So the we are assuming the bank manager is "Landenberg" and that he is the target of the next phase of Legends of Alcatraz, which starts on Monday.
There's More - @AlcartazLegends
That leaves us with a few unanswered questions -

- Who is Landenberg and what has he got to do with Alcatraz

- Where is Percival Stenardson ?

- What happened to Jasper, mentioned in the original crime report.

Your thoughts and theories on this event and the information, as always, are welcome in the comments section.
More pictures from the evening -


  1. First. *yawn Nice event, not well attended. Thank you very much Vicki! Maybe the idea is to introduce one criminal per event. They will form a gang of sorts? No clue. Some of the names they are choosing are interesting, Stenardson, LaForte, Creitzer. Would a list of cast of characters be helpful?

    "Sweepstakes #1 Sweepstakes Closed" is now posted at Legends of Alcatraz Game

    Grand Prize drawing "random drawing to take place on February 23, 2012 at 9 a.m. (ET)"

  2. Nice run-down, as always, Zort. And much thanks to Vicki (@WildeKitchen) & @skylightnyc -- we really would have been in the dark without them.

    I have no idea why @AlcatrazLegends was so silent leading up to the event, not even tweeting until yesterday. It was a busy day for 42E with MoTS but I would have thought they'd be better organized.

    Going back through the tweets from last night I think I've been able to piece together a step by step timeline.

    It looks as if the Sleuths were first given a case file with some "evidence" already in it (fingerprint card, pic of getaway car) and a blank "Forensics Report" that they had to complete correctly during their investigation. Some of the blanks & words on the Forensics Report had red letters/#'s under them (which is similar to what we saw at the 1st live event), but in this case I can't tell if those letters/words were used elsewhere in the hunt.

    Once they had their case files, the Sleuths were allowed access to the Crime Scene. From the pics, it seems there were 15 pieces of evidence:
    -2 tape outlines indicating 2 dead bodies.
    -A Coroner's report (I'm assuming there's one per victim & they state the victims were shot, possible the caliber of the gun used).
    -What look like masks/robber clothing next to one of the victims (confirming the dead men they were 2 of the robbers).
    -A semi-automatic handgun
    -A fingerprint on the handgun (probably Mulhaney's, revealed with a blacklight)

    The Sleuths also had access to 2 work-boards:
    -A Witness Board with 10 witness & what seem to be their eye-witness accounts of the heist, and some strings linking some of these accounts with each other, or what look like pic (maybe of other ares of the bank).
    -An Evidence Board which appeared to have a floor plan of the bank and some other pics with notes that are difficult to see from the tweeted pic.

    By this point in their investigation, the Sleuths would have used the fingerprint info to confirm the identities of the 2 dead robbers. Eye-witness accounts indicated 3 robbers -- the 3rd (only surviving) robber/suspect, recently hired guard "Gerald Mulhaney" was being held o-site and the Sleuths were allowed to interrogate him. It seems he continued to insist on his innocence.

    The Sleuths then examined surveillance footage. It's difficult to make out from the tweeted pic, but I think they discovered that one of the robbers had actually run out of the bank and escaped (confirming "Mulhaney's innocence".)


  3. Next came the necessary-by-way-of-commercial-sponsorship part of the investigation. Outside, the Sleuths found the get away car - the same blue Mustang seen in the pic from the case file with some of the stolen cash inside. (Silly robbers using such a pretty pretty attention drawing car and then leaving it behind with incriminating evidence.) No mention anywhere as to who that car was supposed to have belonged to or if it was supposed to have been stolen.

    The Sleuths then found 0.22 caliber bullet casings (which couldn't have come from the handgun found earlier, and indicate the murder weapon had to have been a 0.22 caliber automatic rifle & from where the gunman fired.) Next, with their blacklights, they uncovered a footprint which must have pointed in the direction of the Bank Manager's office upstairs.

    If the Sleuths had correctly completed their Forensic Reports, at this point they were stamped "CLEARANCE APPROVED" and they moved on to the final part of the investigation.

    A search of the bank manager's office revealed a false wall concealing the rest of the stolen cash and the .22 caliber murder weapon. The final Incident Report states that the bank manager's fingerprints were found on the murder weapon but I think the Sleuths were simply told this instead of having to find and then match the print.

    @AlcatrazLegends tweeted a pic of this final evidence which included:
    -An automatic Rifle (per Wikipedia) Looks like the the AR-15, semi-automatic version of the M16
    -Shell casings (Wikipedia) .223 Remington
    -2 Currency bags
    -Cash -- $100's
    -One extremely GIMP-ey looking mask

    Now the case was considered solved (if not closed since the culprit is still on the run) and the Sleuths were given Alcatraz T-shirts and 2 completed Police Incident Reports.

    One Incident Report detailed last night's incident & investigation. It had "We did it" with the 888 phone# (that lead to Doc Soto's message) and Doc Soto's signature at the bottom. Interestingly we don't learn the name of the mastermind who got away, "Landenberg", until we listen to Doc Soto's message.

    The other Incident Report is from a remarkably similar crime at the SAME bank (Armed Robbery, Deadly Assault & Murder) from 2/17/1957 when Jasper LeForte was the patsy.

  4. Thanks for that comprehensive run through of the clues.

    When I was looking at things I completely missed (ignored) the 1957 date on the incident report.

    So Jasper must be our Alcatraz link as a returning prisoner. Is he pretending to be Mulhaney or Landenberg ?

    That makes him slightly different to Percy as Percy hasn't been seen in modern times yet has he ?

  5. I think we're all assuming Landenberg pulled off the 1st caper in 1957. It's unclear if Landenberg was later identified/caught and LeForte exonerated, or of LeForte ended up going to prison for the crime.

    It would tie in nicely with the show's storyline if Landenberg was caught (either for that 1957 robbery or for another crime), sent to Alcatraz and was one of the 63's who apparently resurfaced yesterday.

    We still have no idea what happened to Percival Stelardson after he escaped from Alcatraz in 1962. Maybe he escaped and just lived out his life on the outside? I doubt that details uncovered in this viral would be cannon, but could Percy have been involved with the later disappearance of the 63's?

    The LOA site had indicated Sweepstakes 1 would close at 11:59PM Pacific 2/17/2012 but it closed an hour or so early. I found the message "sweepstakes closed" when I checked back this morning at 12:50 AM (just 10:50 PM pacific).

  6. Sorry being dim.

    Jasper was the patsy, Mulhaney is the patsy, Landenberg is our culprit in both incidents.

  7. You're far from dim, Zort.

    It would be an interesting twist if LeForte ended up being imprisoned for Landenberg's crime, was also one of the 63's, and came back to try to set Landenberg up or kill him.

    I hope LeFOrte went free though, for his sake. :)

  8. Zort joined us on this weeks Podcast - Check Him Out!!!

  9. I'll put a link to the podcast up on the main page as soon as I can.

    I hope I behaved myself !

  10. The podcast is worth listening to for the (very bad) attempt at a British accent !

  11. OK! the new puzzles are up- in safety deposit boxes this time.

  12. Yup, just saw the new puzzles JT!

    There's a NEW Doc Soto VIDEO to intro the 2nd phase.

    We learn from the info on the home screen & the video that Jasper LeForte did indeed go down for that heist in 1957 -- that Jasper "fought for his life" at USP ALcatraz "but he lost the battle in 1962."

    Doc Soto tells us Horace Landenberg is a Banking Mogul and that he tried to take the Williamsburg Bank for $2 million on FRI, but that we thwarted him. Doc Soto intially refers to FRI's heist as a "copycat" crime, bu then tells us we have to track down Landenberg and try to see if we can prove poor ol' Jasper's innocence.

  13. There's also a 2nd NEW Doc Soto VIDEO on the Phase 2 puzzles page that teels us:
    "This evidence paints a picture of 2 botched investigations separated by 55 years of misleads and malfeasance."

    "Jasper repeatedly claimed he was innocent but he refused to name the real heister."

  14. I enjoyed the podcast and your wild mind travel theories Zort!

    Have looked at the puzzles and got three- but have to sleep. The best way to solve problems they say.

  15. Good morning all.

    NEW POST ! for the new puzzles

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