Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Legends of Alcatraz Puzzle 16 - 20 Solutions 16

Below you can find the solution to each puzzle, just click on the title to reveal the solution.

Click on the images to see larger versions

Puzzle 16 - If Walls Talked

The answer can be found by lining up the partial words that are on the edge of some of the squares.

Some photos of the cube cut out and pasted together by LotteryTicket

Puzzle 17 - Map The Escape

To discover the four letters of the answer use the map and highlight the sections of road indicated by the directions.

Use the compass directions North, South etc. and Left and Right turns.

This example answer is the best fit I could come up with so if you have a better / different solution let us know.

You can also potentially work out the answer from the clue given.

Also the answer must be entered in upper case letters.

Thanks to ObFuSc8 for some hints on this.

Puzzle 18 - Keeping Score

For each score number, use the letter indicated by the score.

This includes a whole word as part of the answer.

Puzzle 19 - Chewed Up

If you turn the pencil around you can see the clue LAST LETTERS.

Then using the upward arrow as the second clue, simply take the last letter of each sentence.

Puzzle 20 - Harvest Time

Simply solve the card puzzle and read the red letters from each card in sequence.


  1. First.

    For 17 I did not use the map, just drew freehand on paper, but it only took the "T" to get me to the answer.

    Zort70 do you have any clue how many are following this "game?" Thanks for using my photos.

  2. Hi, I'm afraid I don't have any stats for the number of people that are signed up on the LoA site.

    I would have thought that if there weren't many people signed up then they might not have given a car away for the second phase.

    What I do know is that we get around 200 people visiting this site on a Monday and Tuesday, presumably to see if we have any clues on the puzzles and the answers.

    Hello to all of you lurkers, why not comment and say hello, we will be gentle with you :-)

  3. Hey hey! I thought these puzzles were easier than the last game. For the cut n fold cell I folded it printed side out instead of cutting the bars to see through the roof...thought that was easier.

    For #17 it took me a while to figure out how to access the GPS, but I did get it finally.

  4. Hi Zort. Nice place you have here.
    17 was the hardest for me also.
    Ten-Fifteen was a disaster for my brain.I only got 2 of them.The worst part is that I opened that rusty lock about ten times,and still didn't see the answer.

  5. Hi TaV, good to see you here :-)

  6. Does anyone know more about the possible moving or cancelling of Alcatraz tonight because of Daytona ?

  7. I can't open the puzzles that should be available today. Did I miss something?

  8. I have read tweet that said the Feb 27 episode will show at 9PM in two weeks. Yes, it was bumped by the Daytona 500 on Fox.

  9. I hear tonight's show has been postponed to next week and we'll have 2 episodes next week!

  10. Here's the tweet from Steve Lilien that I had seen:

    For those asking, tonight's episode written by the talented @LDJackson will be shown 2 weeks from tonight at our regular 9pm slot #Alcatraz

  11. Alright- here's a later tweet from Fox:

    Due to tonight’s Daytona 500 race, #alcatraz has been preempted. Don’t miss 2 back-to-back all-new episodes next Monday (3/5).

  12. Working on the new puzzles.

    BTW: Does blogger have a new format in the comments?

  13. NEW POST !

    Not sure what has happened to the comments form, but whatever it is I'm not sure I like it.

  14. Working on 17 but missing a letter...thanks for the push in the right direction though...missed the 2nd set of puzzles totally for the sweepstakes. Catching up now.


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