Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Legends of Alcatraz The Heists - Puzzles 21 - 25 26

Despite the bumping of last nights new episode of alcatraz to next week, when there will be two episodes shown, the Legends of Alcatraz website has been updated with new puzzles.

There is also a new video to cover the Legends event in Brooklyn.

Let us know in the comments if you need any help with the puzzles, that is assuming we can work out the answers ourselves !
Caught on Film
Days Off
Dead Letter
Safe Keeping
Pick The Bones


  1. Seems like a slightly tougher selection this week

  2. Going to have to wait on puzzles, as I have company.

    Looked at Fox site for schedule, and it seems right now they are planning two new episodes next Monday and the one that supposed to be yesterday to air in two weeks. I guess they could just put them back in order though.

  3. Hi guys!

    I don't like this new Blogger comment form at all. Yucko. Fugly.

    I wanted to check in here before the commute home.

    I got through 21-24 last night. I didn't think they were all that bad.

    I got 25 at lunch, though I still kind guessed the answer after I solved the domino bit of the puzzle.

    Puzzles 21-22: Everything you need is in the pic/graphic given.

    Puzzles 23-24: Read the puzzle title and blurb carefully, they hint method of solving the puzzle.

    I'm happy to try to help with hints if anyone wants.

  4. for puzzle 21, is there a specific way to write the directive? I've lined up all 6 numbers to the corresponding places in the bank. And just putting the 6th place name as the answer hasn't worked. I've tried many other things so far to no avail.

  5. Is there a specific way you have to write the answer for question 21. I've lined up all 6 places on the bank map with their corresponding places, and just putting the place name hasn't worked. I've tried several other ways of putting it to no avail, so I'm clearly missing something here.

  6. I feel dumb this week, Ive only got 21 so far. any good hints for 22 - 25?

  7. Having trouble with 24 and 25. How does heads and tails factor into these words? And how do these damn dominoes fit??

  8. Paul, Ive been stairing at them for an hour and all ive got is a headache

  9. Well, figured out 24. Say the word pairs together. Still frustrated with 25.

  10. I looked over my solution for Puzzle 25 and I know why the answer is what it is now. There's a hint in the wording of the blurb again that helps.

    I don't want to give away too much too soon for people who still want to try to solve any of these without hints, so I'll start with small hints post them one at a time and so you'll have to scroll down to see the hint itself.

  11. HINT - Puzzle 21:

    You're on the right track, but when you line up the markings with the floor plan do you notice that there are small circles for each of the numbers? What do those circles indicate/line up with?

  12. HINT - Puzzle 22:

    The puzzle is titled "DAYS OFF" -- each of the holidays will give you a letter of the alphabet.

    Notice that Horace was nice enough to put some alphabets on the calendar already...

  13. HINT - Puzzle 23:

    Printing the letter out makes this one easier (there's even a nice print PDF link).

    The puzzle is title "Dead LETTER" and the blurb states, "Apparently, his mind was on CAPITAL punishment." From this you can guess you're looking for capitalized letters form Jasper's letter.

    Next look at the numbers encircling the body of the letter...connect the dots

  14. HINT - Puzzle 24:

    This puzzle is entitled "SAFE Keeping". The blurb states,"It's hard to make HEADS or TAILS of this COMBINATION of words."

    The answer will give you the combination o the safe.

    Think heads/tails with respect to animals, not coins.

  15. And finally - HINT - Puzzle 25:

    This is a Domino Logic Puzzle arranged in a 4x14 grid instead of the usual 7x8 grid. Each of the 28 dominoes can only be used once, with the twist here being that Jasper scratched letters onto each of the dominoes.

    You'll first need to solve the logic puzzle (I found more than one configuration that'll work). But then you'll need to get a word/words from it and only one domino solution works in that sense.

    There are clues in the puzzle title/blurb that help narrow things down:

    Title - "PICK the Bones" - you only use letters from SOME of the dominoes (not all).

    The blurb states, "...a man whom Jasper considered to be on the UP and UP." This should help you figure out which dominoes from the solution to use.

  16. This really was a clever way to structure puzzle 25. It confounds anyone trying to muscle out an answer with an anagram solver. :)

  17. HI maven! You're welcome. I was trying to give hints without being too obvious.

  18. Ob, thanks. I got 23 with your hint and I was on the right track. but im feeling really dumb on the rest lol. Thanks for the hard work.

  19. Hi all, I've got the first four, still haven't got 25 yet, but given ObFuSc8's hint I think I am definitely on the right track.

  20. I've been reading up about the comments issue and it looks like that as usual Blogger has made a change without telling or asking anyone.

    I've enabled the embedded comments option so that the post and comments are displayed at the same time.

    Let me know if you prefer this version or the new comments on their own. This version has a Subscribe option, whereas the other new version doesn't.

    1. Just noticed the reply option, not seen that before on Blogger.

  21. I've added a solution post to be published later today.

    I'll be out when it goes live so if there are any issues let me know.

  22. I am such a Welnitz (See my twitter feed !) I only just realised you can pick up and place the dominos !

    I worked it out by building my own version in a spreadsheet !

    1. I worked on it for quite a while before I realized the dominos could be oriented sideways. (c:


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