Friday, 10 February 2012

Legends of Alcatraz January Event Summary 15

From the Legends of Alcatraz event video
The reason this blog was set up was the appearance of the Legends of Alcatraz website. I decided that the lure of an ARG for this new show at such an early stage was too much to ignore.

As it turned out the event brought back lots of good memories of other events I have tried to cover live and that gave me a nice glow inside.

Our previous blog posts Ready to Rock at 6pm and Becoming Legends described a lot of what was happening as an overview, but until last week there wasn't much information on the detail.

In fact in the Ready to Rock post I added a picture of the menu from a random tweeter that was visiting Alcatraz earlier in the day, and it turned out to be part of one of the clues.

The Legends of Alcatraz website has now been updated with an official video taken on the night, but for a lot more detal you will have to look at some of the fan blog posts and photographs out there.

From the guards point of view
Jen from the House of Art website took lots of photographs on the night that can be viewed here The photos in this blog post are from Jen unless otherwise stated.

One of the best descriptions of the puzzles and their solutions can be found on

From writeups and photographs available we know that this first part of Legends is definitely linked to the current phase of online puzzle solving. Percival Stelardson and his guard Wilford Mandenbaum are the focus of the puzzles and the end result of the event was a case file on Percival being handed out.

Clue - A matter of time
Some of the puzzles and other parts of the event had to be resolved by interacting with people posing as guards and prisoners. There are even reports that the line between performer and real guard got a little blurred.
A clue answer from the LoA official video
The final puzzle answer and a stamped pass to see the doctor
For completeness, and to go with the other answers we already have from the online puzzles 1 to 10, here are the puzzle answers from the event.

Puzzle 1 - Outlaws

Puzzle 2 - Paperclip & Inquiry

Puzzle 3 - Coffee

Puzzle 4 - Walt Whitman

Puzzle 5 - Yellow Hammer Case File

Puzzle five was made up of letters from the previous clues, but I think the significant words are definitely Yellow Hammer

Percival Stelardson Incident Report

Ok so we have solved the clues, been to visit the doctor, complete with blood transfusion / extraction equipment, what next ?

The puzzle solvers were given a case file about Percival from 16th of September 1962.

The file ends with Wilford being relieved of duty and the investigation closed and the matter being considered as resolved.

There is also an odd medical note about an escape attempt involving a self diagnosis of Polio.

The final word comes from the official video and obviously refers to the puzzles that we are currenly looking at....

The LoA official video end caption


  1. First!

    You always do a great summary job, Zort! Looking forward to more puzzles (even though I'm not a great puzzle-solver)!

  2. Thanks Maven.

    I'll look at creating a permanent clues page with the all the answer words and see if we can make any sort of overall connection.

  3. Zort,

    Are you around tonight around 9pm Eastern? Love to talk to you on the podcast about the Rock Mysteries and get you commentary?? What do you think??


  4. Hi guys
    I'm way behind on posts and puzzles. Looks like you guys are doing well.
    I couldn't get the video on #3 to work so I haven't been back for awhile. Think I'll go try the second group before the group comes out. lol

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  6. That last post had way to many typos.
    I'll never be able to figure out these puzzles. So I've been looking at the answers. I was at least on the right track with number 7, but I was using the opposite "clues" *rolls eyes* :)

  7. Hi guys-I'm not in a country where I can see Alcatraz tonight, so I am still working on puzzles. I have written down all the underlined and bolded words for #10, but don' t know what to do with them. Would like to blame it on piña coladas and palm trees, but nope, I don't think so.

    So Maven-MJ- anyone have some guidance? Help!

  8. Sue, you are trying to hard for number 10, easiest of the bunch, the instructions are first in energy, second in grouchy... crack the code and answer the question. His behavior is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . Or just give in and look at the answer. Ha ha. You are on vacation!

  9. Oh-I see-thanks LT!

    Yes, I have escaped the 12 degree weather and gone to the land of buenos dias . We just sit on a huge mattress outside and look at lovely blue water, and that's all we need!

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  11. Working on the final batch of one solved so far and reached the 1000 points max!

  12. New puzzles are out. I actually solved 14 & 15! I'm proud of myself.

  13. NEW POST for the new puzzles.


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