Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Legends of Alcatraz: The Heists - Puzzles 16 - 20 28

The legends of Alcatraz website was updated to coincide with the new episode of Alcatraz shown last night.

The new puzzles are similar to before, but now follow on from the Brooklyn Heist event. We are now looking for Horace Landenburg and trying to prove Jasper LeForte's innocence.

There are two video introductions from Doc Soto to tell us what we need to do and 5 new puzzles to solve.

The motivation for solving the puzzles is a second sweepstake to win a Ford Mustang car.
If Walls Talked (Easy)
Map The Escape (Easy)
Keeping Score (Medium)
Chewed Up(Medium)
Harvest Time (Hard)


  1. I've got all the solutions except for number 17 so far.

    I think we are looking for a four letter answer, but I can't see how the map relates to the directions.

  2. Zort70, these puzzle suit me better! all but the first completed. I have no printer at the moment and I want to make my own little cell. So will get to that today. Worked out Route 1 last night and woke up this morning with the answer to #17. Let me know if you want "further instructions."

    On the mug shot/finger print of LeForte there is the word city.

  3. I think I have the answer for 17 now, but the first letter doesn't seem to make much sense when I work it out.

  4. Zort, as long ad the 1st letter works in the word/answer, you're fine. There'll be a jagged edge in the 1st letter since it's hard to get a smooth curve with geodes streets.

  5. I guessed for 17 correctly, though I can see how you would map it. Zort-I think the titles next to the puzzles aren't right?

    18 though- I'm stuck-question below if anyone has a clue for me.....

    I see the item in line 2 and maybe 5 uses of it in the innings board. I'm thinking it is a threat of use on Jasper. No?

  6. Nope JT -- I think the "item" you're referring to was put there as a joke/to mislead.

    Look for something else...

    Also, the answer will be "the guards message to a brother in arms" - not threatening to Jasper.

  7. Also, Jasper's handwriting sucks.

  8. I have all but 17 figured out, and it is kicking my but... I assume its a 4 letter word, but i cant figure it out.

  9. Yep, even when you put the thing together for 16 it took me a few attempts to read it !

    Thanks for telling me about the titles, I'll just go and correct them.

  10. Hi Lee L, it took me a while on this one, maybe it was because I'm in the UK and not used the US road system :-)

    I have an answers post ready to go, but I'll leave it a while before posting to give people a chance to solve things on their own.

  11. Thanks Ob. Haven't had a chance to look more yet-busy day. Can see that I need to have a specific answer.

  12. Oh- OK- got 18 to finish.

    I would disagree Zort- our motivation is just that we like to solve puzzles!

  13. Somebody please throw me a bone, I have all of them figured out except #18. a clue would help

  14. I know how you feel Rose! I looked at past puzzles to think about 18. How about.....

    It's more than one word. You aren't looking at pairs of numbers to get the letters-look at each number on its own.

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  16. HmMMMM 18 has left me clueless =(

  17. HmMMMM 18 has left me clueless =(

  18. Oddly 18 was one of the easiest for me, it just shows how differently our brains all work.

  19. Just Thinking, yes I know what you mean, even if the prize was an Alcatraz keyring I'd still be solving the puzzles !

    Actually I might prefer a keyring to the car, the shipping costs to the UK would be much less :-)

  20. Cell block 16 constructed and solved. ajgazmen, did you solve 18? Would you like a clue?

  21. Yes, Zort- and here if you win a prize like that you have to pay income taxes on its value, so it has some complications. Plus if I was tooling around in a Mustang, the kids would tell me I was too old for it!

    If you really want a clue for 18-look at the solution for 15.

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. Got it!! woohooo!!! thank you all for the extra help. Now the wait for the next set of clues.

  24. Hi guys!

    Hello RoseS, ajgazmen, Lee L! Nice to "meet" you all.

    Zort, JT, LT -- I'm enjoying having a mini-viral attached to Alcatraz at the beginning of it's run. I'd be having fun with the puzzles even without prizes (it's good to give the old brain muscles a little work-out) but would be happier with show related swag myself. JT, I don't think you're too old for a Mustang! I have a bit of a lead foot, and besides, rear wheel drive cars aren't really ideal for Chicago winters (I'd probably end up buried in a snowdrift, bankrupt from speeding tickets).

    I guessed the answer to 17 from the question and went back to confirm the method of solving (since that map is so fugly).

    ajgazmen -- You're going to need to do something with the #'s from the scores in each line of Puzzle 18.

    42E had so many varied and interesting puzzles/methods they used with the MouthTapedShut viral -- I was hoping we'd get a few more puzzles with that kind of flavor.

  25. Also, just saw the Google doodle -- nice nod to Heinrich Hertz.

  26. Hi, everyone...been really busy, but managed to solve all the puzzles with your hints!

    Still enjoying the show as we get tidbits about what the heck happened. Some of my friends have already given up on it, hope that's not a national trend.


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