Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Legends of Alcatraz Puzzle 21-25 Solutions 4

Below you can find the solution to each puzzle, just click on the title to reveal the solution.

Thanks to everyone that assisted in the comments to help people, including me, get the right solutions.

Click on the images to see larger versions

Puzzle 21 - Caught on Fire

For this puzzle simply line up the markings with the blueprint and take the circled letter.

The image HERE shows all the markings moved to the correct place on the blueprint.

Puzzle 22 - Days Off

The calendar has a handy hint on the left side with a series of letters and a number.

It is simply a case of adding the rest of the alphabet and numbers to fit and then reading the letter corresponding to the calendar entries.

Puzzle 23 - Dead Letter

There are two clues "Capital punishment" and in the letter "I'm on the line for my capital crime"

Join up the numbers with lines and note the letter when the line crosses a capital letter.

Puzzle 24 - Safe Keeping

The clue is "heads or tails"

You look at the letters and take some letters from the end of one word and some from the start of the next.

It is possible we may need to know this series of numbers for something later on.

Puzzle 25 - Pick The Bones

This week the hard puzzle was definitely harder than it has been.

The first thing to do is take all the dominos and place them on the scratched numbers.

There is more than one way to do this, but only one way that makes sense for the solution.

Next you "Pick the bones" by selecting dominos that have letters "on the up and up"

i.e. only letters that are the correct way up.


  1. March 5th: impatiently waiting for the new puzzles to unlock!!
    Went to San Francisco last weekend. Have a new appreciation & interest for Alcatraz, but didn't have time to go there.

  2. Hey Everyone! I'm new. Been working on the puzzles all along but just came across this site.

  3. Forgot to say earlier - NEW POST for the new puzzles


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