Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Legends of Alcatraz - Puzzle 1 to 5 Solutions 12

Below you can find the solution to each game, just click on the title to reveal the solution.

Click on the images to see larger versions

Game 1 - A Better View

Game 1 is simply a case of working out which items marked on the map relate to the clues.

Then fill in the crossword grid and read off the line that passes through all the clues.
Game 2 - The Chase

This game involves manipulating the image of the tyre tracks so that the solution is visible.

You don't need to use an electronic image editor, SG_Tess printed a copy off and oriented it so that the words could be read.
Game 3 - Across The Bay

For this game if you watch the lighthouse you will see it flash.

If you write down the flash pattern as dots and dashes for short and long flashes you get a morse code pattern.
Game 4 - Mind Game

The clue for this is at the top of the page "Checkmate in one".

Solve the chess puzzle by determining what is the checkmate move.

Take the starting position row and column and the end position row and column. This gives you two letters and two numbers from each puzzle.

The number then corresponds to the position of the letter in the solution.
Game 5 - Rise Up

In this puzzle there are two letters in black, these are correct letters in the solution.

The puzzle says "are you giving up or going down?" This is the second part of the clue.

If a letter appears one step below the black letters then subtract 1 from it's position in the alphabet, if it is one step up then add one to it's position.

Legends of Alcatraz - Play the Game - Win A Car 21

Overnight as the fourth episode of the Alcatraz TV series was being aired the Legends of Alcatraz website was updated with some new information.

It appears that we are on the trail of an inmate said to have disappeared from his cell in 1962. The information says -

"Percival Stelardson defied the law, the odds, and the common misconception that nobody has ever escaped from Alcatraz - but Wilford Manderbaum knows the truth. Wilford os the guard who turned up, bitter and burned, in Percy's cell one fall morning in 1962. Percy was nowhere to be seen... and the history books want to keep it that way. It's your mission to prove them wrong and help Wilford catch his man, once and for all."

There is a link on the site to register your details and be in with the chance of winning a Ford Mustang car. There is no puzzle for this chance the registration will no doubt help to show the numbers of people that are looking at the Legends website.

So I would encourage you and all your friends that like Alcatraz so far to register to show some support for the show.

There is an introduction video from Diego "Doc" Soto telling us that we are helping him research his new book.

Clicking on the big "Play Now" button takes you to a page for the puzzles, there are 5 initial puzzles all linked to by big keys, the next set will be released on the 6th of February, presumably during the next episode of Alcatraz.

There is another short video from Doc Soto and 5 games to play. They are called - 1. A Better View (Easy), 2. The chase (Easy), 3. Across The Bay (Medium), 4. Mind Game (Medium), 5. Rise Up (Hard)

See the details of the games below, answers will be added later to let people have a chance of solving them for themselves first.

1. A Better View
2. The Chase
3. Across The Bay
4. Mind Game
5. Rise Up

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Becoming Legends 23

Photo from Wiki Bruce
  With a viral event most shows or big budget movies that the event is for have lots of history and a large fan base. They also have lots of time to plan and build demand for a product.
Alcatraz has only been on screens for a few weeks and although I'm sure there is plenty of marketing from Fox, I was personally dubious about an event for something that is only a few weeks old.

However last night it seems that Alcatraz already has a healthy fan base, in San Francisco at least, who are prepared to turn out for an event that has no details other than bring a torch and warm clothing !

I am in the UK and I knew it would be a long day and night as the event wasn't due to start until 3 am ! So I started off the day by creating a search on Twitter for simply "Alcatraz" I had no idea what I would get, but the vast majority of tweets, which came in thick and fast, were for the TV show.

Wiki Bruce Alcatraz Landing

During the day there wasn't much variation apart from a small rise in tourist tweets when the west coast tourists were waking up.

The next thing I did after setting up the search was to create a post on this blog as the time and place for people to be met was announced, again only a few short hours of notice for this event.

As the day went by a few people posted messages saying they were going to the event, one person even flying to SF just for the event.

Wiki Bruce Filming Setup
I started off a twitter list for people attending and then sat back and waited. Around 5pm pst people started tweeting to say they were making their way to the event location on pier 33 and eventually we heard that there was a queue forming with more people arriving. We found lots more names from people in that queue and built up the twitter list.

Then some more inevitable waiting, but also some reports of legal release forms being signed as filming would be taking place and also people being split into coloured teams.

@_june - Badge
Badges were handed out with appropriate Alcatraz TV series wording on them, and they were sent onto the boat and sent off to the island.

@MrJudkins - Doc Soto Briefing
On the journey over reports came in of Doc Soto gaiving a briefing via a video message. @MrJudkins posted The video intro by Doc Soto on the ferry explained that we'll be investigating a legend of an otherwise unknown escape...

After arriving on the island things get a little more sketchy, as people were concentrating on the game that was afoot. We got reports of scary doctors and puzzles to be solved.

@MrJudkins - Creepy Doctor

This is the main description of what was happening that was ent after the event - "We had to try & locate proof of a inmate who was rumored to have escaped but no records remain...", "Practically, that meant traveling to specific parts of the prison to fill in the blanks of a clue sheet"
@StimpDawg - The Prize
This is the prize that was handed out to the participants, a Legends of Alcatraz t-shirt, and a USP Alcatraz cup.

After the games had finished and prfesumably people had become legends, the temporary inmates were free to wander around the cells and lots of pictures from the prison were posted.

I'm looking forward to writeups of the event being posted from people that attended along with videos and more pictures. As soon as we know of any that are available we will post the links here.

All it remains for me to say is a big thanks to all the people that were at the event and tweeting back information and to everyone that joined along in the comments and online to once again make a local event seem more global.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Ready To Rock at 6pm 150

The Legends of Alcatraz website has been updated again to give us a date and time for the Alcatraz adventure.

Be a Pier 33 in SF at 6pm for a 7pm ferry ride to the island, ID required and under 18's must be accompanied.

There is also another mention that Dr. Soto will be giving the tour. We are not sure if that means Jorge Garcia will be there but it looks promising.

Join us here on this site to discuss any information we get from the visit. If you are attending and will be tweeting from the event then please let us know your Twitter ID so we can follow along.

Update - A twitter user KristieMichele87 may have posted a clue from whatever is happening today on Alcatraz.

The picture looks similar to the one in the puzzle on the Legends of Alcatraz website.

Let us know what you think in the comments.
This picture was posted by @WikiBruceThere on Twitter

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Alcatraz Podcast With David A. Dein and Steve “The Goog” Guglich

Join Hosts David A. Dein and Steve “The Goog” Guglich unlock the mysteries of the brand new Fox Show “Alcatraz.”

In this episode they break down the first three episodes Pilot/Ernest Cobb/Kit Nelson.

Click the image to the right or click here to go to the podcast homepage on Tumblr.

If you have any theories for David and Steve to consider you can E-mail them at trazcast@gmail.com or call the hotline and leave a message (908) 866-6821

It Begins 7

The Legends Of Alcatraz website has been updated with this image.

We assume the time is going to be evening time in San Francisco, but the instructions say keep an eye on the AlcatrazLegends twitter account.

The instructions also say it will be limited to 302 people, so if you are in the SF area and are planning on going please let us know.

If the event will last 2-3 hours then it sounds like it could be something quite special so don't miss out.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Postcards From The Rock 57

As described in the previous update, media people / bloggers around the US were sent metal boxes with information in that led to the Legends of Alcatraz website.

SG_Tess let us know about one other site reporting the receipt of a box and that has led to a couple of other sites being found as well as the BadAssDigest.com site reported previously.




Also the AlcatrazLegends Twitter account is also starting to post pictures of the material.

The boxes that were sent out to the other sites contained the same information and objects apart from one thing.

These pictures were taken from the sites above and collated into these versions by me.

The postcards all have the same handwritten text on the back (although seemingly different handwriting), but the actual postcards are different types. The images are different and the information on the back is different.

The main thing for me that stands out from the information on the back is the dates of each card.

1910 - From MovieWeb.com, BadAssDigest.com, Collider.Com, SlashFilm and Mustang Magazine

1936 - From AlcatrazLegends Twitter and WikiBruce.com

1957 - From ComingSoon.net and GeekTyrant (video)

One thing that was common amongst the boxes was this lenticular card (image from WikiBruce.com).

It shows one scene from 1960 and one from today, actually 2008, which was when the card was published.

When all the other material was the same in the boxes, these postcards stick out and are asking to be investigated, or at the very least noting and remembering for future use.

So we now have these years to consider 1910, 1936, 1957, 1960, 2008 (plus 1963 and 2012 of course !)

As always your thoughts and theories are welcome in the comments section and if you know of any other people with different post cards then let us know.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Cell Codes

There was another small mystery from the second episode, but just in case you haven't seen the episode I have hidden the details in the spoiler tag below.

Click to show the image
On the door of Jack Sylvane's cell in new Alcatraz there was a QR Code (2D barcode).

It seemed unecessary as why not just leave the prisoner number on the cell for identification ? What extra info would the 2D barcode hold that would require its presence ?

People have tried to read the code from the episode, but as yet no one has got a clear enough image to be able to do so. Maybe the show runners have plans for these in the future, or maybe they are just there as part of the cell design.

QR Code on Jack's Cell

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Legends of Alcatraz 29

The show has only just started, but as you might expect from a JJ Abrams led product we have some puzzles to solve.

I was searching for some information on the show to do with a QR code that is on one of the cell doors in New Alcatraz and came across this article A Box Of Mysterious ALCATRAZ Stuff Shows Up At Badass HQ.

Update - there is some more info and pictures of the items in the box at MovieWeb.com

It describes some marketing material sent out to bloggers and mentions that a review of the Doc Soto Alcatraz book has some letters circled which form the words "Legends Of Alcatraz".

So if you go to the website http://legendsofalcatraz.com then you get presented with a puzzle. (If you go to http://legendsofalcatraz.com you get a Fox TV branded version but if you go directly to http://legendsofalcatraz.com/home you get the standalone site.)

The solution to the puzzle is below, click to reveal it.

The menu card has some missing letters - C M X I V - which appear to be Roman numerals and translate to 914.

Entering 914 in the answer box shows you the next part of the puzzle.

When you enter the answer you get this information (Click to reveal)

There is also a link to the @LegendsofAlcatraz twitter account which shows this tweet.

Finally the numbers on the answer page seem to be co-ordinates and indeed if you enter them into any online mapping site they take you to a point in the middle of Alcatraz (of course :-) )

Monday, 16 January 2012

Welcome To The Rock Mysteries

Welcome to The Rock Mysteries, a site dedicated to viral marketing or Alternate Reality Games relating to the new TV show Alcatraz.

This is not a blog about the show itself, there are blogs already catering for that need, our brief is to talk about anything outside of the show, or not entirely central to the show that might be of interest.