Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Legends of Alcatraz 29

The show has only just started, but as you might expect from a JJ Abrams led product we have some puzzles to solve.

I was searching for some information on the show to do with a QR code that is on one of the cell doors in New Alcatraz and came across this article A Box Of Mysterious ALCATRAZ Stuff Shows Up At Badass HQ.

Update - there is some more info and pictures of the items in the box at MovieWeb.com

It describes some marketing material sent out to bloggers and mentions that a review of the Doc Soto Alcatraz book has some letters circled which form the words "Legends Of Alcatraz".

So if you go to the website http://legendsofalcatraz.com then you get presented with a puzzle. (If you go to http://legendsofalcatraz.com you get a Fox TV branded version but if you go directly to http://legendsofalcatraz.com/home you get the standalone site.)

The solution to the puzzle is below, click to reveal it.

The menu card has some missing letters - C M X I V - which appear to be Roman numerals and translate to 914.

Entering 914 in the answer box shows you the next part of the puzzle.

When you enter the answer you get this information (Click to reveal)

There is also a link to the @LegendsofAlcatraz twitter account which shows this tweet.

Finally the numbers on the answer page seem to be co-ordinates and indeed if you enter them into any online mapping site they take you to a point in the middle of Alcatraz (of course :-) )


  1. YAY! Well done Zort. Am just about to watch it :)

  2. Thanks Chris, hope there is lots to talk about over the next few weeks :-)

    I couldn't resist a puzzle like this so I had to set up a place for likeminded people to come and talk about them.

  3. Of course you did! That's why we love you :)

    I got nowhere with the puzzle as I was using a . instead of a : and also had the wrong numbers :-/ (don't start). Alice however got it instantly!

  4. Thanks Zort for the blog. Chris I'm not real good at puzzle solving either. My daughter and my son if he's around always help me with them.

  5. Yea! Zort! Here we go again!

  6. Three cheers for Zort! I really wanted to type that. . .I'm a wee bit behind and need to actually *watch* the first episodes, but I've assigned it to myself as homework. Thanks for once again creating a gathering place!!

  7. Woo hoooooo! Glad to be back! Haven't even watched the episode yet (don't throw things). Hopefully will get to tonite after kids basketball and volleyball practices...if I'm not too tired. :O (where did my life go?)

  8. Zort! Maven! Scoutpost! Good to see some familiar faces.

    Watched the show last night - interested to see what you guys think.

    And we're off.....

  9. It's so exciting to be keeping a comments window open again! And great to see familiar names here...keep spreading the word to get everyone back!

  10. A little birdie told me that David and the Goog are working on our first Alcatraz podcast, to drop Sunday afternoon.

  11. Oh- I missed this! Thank you Zort. We saw the first hour at SDCC- and I watched the second on Monday. I like it!

    Have played with the "numerals" to do the first bit. Looking forward to some fun!

  12. Hi Friends! Mary Anne gave me the heads-up at FB to come over. Tx Zort for setting this up. I was hoping last night that someone knowledgable would start a blog for Alcatraz so we could talk about the, er, island mysteries. :-) Kinda odd too that Alcatraz came up in our "floating island" talk during Lost. JJ and his mystery islands, boy.

  13. Hi all, great to hear from you.

    I'm interested to know if people would like episode posts set up so individual episodes can be discussed or if your needs for that are catered for elsewhere.

    I'm hoping to keep this as informal as possible at the moment.

    Great news on the podcast David, let me know when it drops and I can put a link up here.

    Now the next thing to do is to turn off the comment notification email !

  14. Also on the information that is revealed by the puzzle, as well as the co-ordinates, there is what looks like a date.

    I'm assuming 9:14 pst, but not sure if AM or PM and three days 27 28 29 of January which are Friday to Sunday.

    Do you think there will be an event held on Alcatraz ?

    If so is anyone in SF available to go ?

  15. There is a new image on the Alcatraz Legends Twitter.

    It is of a postcard presumably written by the little girl in the pilot episode.

  16. Zort.

    I'm sure we can live without the episode discussions if you want to keep the workload to a minimum. Knowing this lot, they'll talk about episodes if they feel like it anyway, special posts or not :)

    I like the line on the legends opening screen...

    "The search will lead some of you to seek out clues in city streets..."

    I seem to remember we've come across that concept before somewhere!

  17. Hey maven,Scoutpost,Melissa,JT, and capcom. I haven't seen all of you in one place in so long. :)
    David can't wait to hear your new podcast.
    Well I'm the only one without an icon as usual. I'll have to figure that out.

  18. I think I've got my avi on. Let's see.

  19. Yep I can see you, I'd recognise that icon anywhere :-)

  20. At least we have an international gang here to cover most cities if there is a scavenger hunt!

    Re the code on Jack's cell: I wouldn't put it past TPTB (haven't used that in a while) to do something with those codes. But it also can just be a touch to show how modern and sophisticated this new Alcatraz is compared to old Alcatraz.

  21. wooHoo, I'm here, thanks Teresa for pointing me to the group. I do hope we chat after each epi but if not, I'm sure we can post here in the comments till another post pops up. Lisa is in the house (always wanted to say that lol)

  22. and for some reason this button didn't pop up till now. so posting again. Yeah !

  23. Hey Lisa
    You're welcome. Glad you could make it.

  24. Hello Lisa great to see you, and everyone else.

    Hope we have lots to discuss :-)

  25. I've just updated the main post with a link that Tess provided for a closer look at some of the items contained in the box.


    One thing to note is the front of the postcard in the box is different to the one posted on the AlcatrazLegends twitter account.

    The postcard in the box is from 1910 and the the post card on the twitter account is 1936.

    Now where do I get my hands on one of those keys !

  26. Talking of the AlcatrazLegends twitter, there is a new picture which is of the review sent in the box that led to the website originally.

  27. Another report on the box contents, this time from an Unfiction regular so he goes into things in a lot of detail.


  28. It's been a while, and I think I'm a bit rusty, but here goes...

    NEW POST !


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