Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Legends of Alcatraz - Play the Game - Win A Car 21

Overnight as the fourth episode of the Alcatraz TV series was being aired the Legends of Alcatraz website was updated with some new information.

It appears that we are on the trail of an inmate said to have disappeared from his cell in 1962. The information says -

"Percival Stelardson defied the law, the odds, and the common misconception that nobody has ever escaped from Alcatraz - but Wilford Manderbaum knows the truth. Wilford os the guard who turned up, bitter and burned, in Percy's cell one fall morning in 1962. Percy was nowhere to be seen... and the history books want to keep it that way. It's your mission to prove them wrong and help Wilford catch his man, once and for all."

There is a link on the site to register your details and be in with the chance of winning a Ford Mustang car. There is no puzzle for this chance the registration will no doubt help to show the numbers of people that are looking at the Legends website.

So I would encourage you and all your friends that like Alcatraz so far to register to show some support for the show.

There is an introduction video from Diego "Doc" Soto telling us that we are helping him research his new book.

Clicking on the big "Play Now" button takes you to a page for the puzzles, there are 5 initial puzzles all linked to by big keys, the next set will be released on the 6th of February, presumably during the next episode of Alcatraz.

There is another short video from Doc Soto and 5 games to play. They are called - 1. A Better View (Easy), 2. The chase (Easy), 3. Across The Bay (Medium), 4. Mind Game (Medium), 5. Rise Up (Hard)

See the details of the games below, answers will be added later to let people have a chance of solving them for themselves first.

1. A Better View
2. The Chase
3. Across The Bay
4. Mind Game
5. Rise Up


  1. First !

    I've just noticed Tess sent the information in am email last night and 0bFuSc8 tweeted us the Legends tweet as well.

  2. I've just noticed the Coming Soon box that says watch for our operatives take the rock by storm.

    I assume this will be footage of the Legends event on Saturday.

  3. Got the first three puzzles right so far.

  4. Struggling a bit on the fourth.

    I'm sure it is some sort of encryption, but I'm not sure what type at the moment.

    First puzzle I think most people have.

    Second, I needed to do some image manipulation to see it.

    Third, morse code

  5. I'm not really a Mustang kind of gal. If they were giving away a Chevy Camaro I might take the chance on it.
    First puzzle I still haven't got so nope not everyone's got it. :) The second one was pretty easy I've done those before in books. I printed it and held it at an angle. Haven't tried the third one yet.

  6. Zort this was tweeted by wiki Bruce earlier in the day before the show aired. Don't know if you seen it
    viral article

  7. Yes I saw it thanks, 0bFuSc8 retweeted it to me.

    I was going to create a post with some links to articles, but the game post took over my activities this morning.

  8. Got puzzle 5 now, but not 4 yet.

  9. Finally got number 4.

    That's all 5 solved and I now have 510 points, although the amount of each individual puzzle adds up to 450.

  10. I've created a post with the solutions, they are all in spoiler tags, so if you don't want to know then don't look !

    We should keep this comment section spoiler free, for people thatwant to discuss the solutions without looking at the answers.

  11. After what I went through this week with Marty's complication from gallbladder surgery, I have to admit I cheated! I did get the first one on my own, but had no patience for the rest! Thanks for making this part of my life a simpler for me this week, Zort!

  12. Puzzles aren't my thing. My Mom probably would have gotten them easily.
    Maven glad Marty is home and finally on the mend.

  13. maven -- Sorry to hear about Marty, but glad that Mr. Maven is at home and mending.

    I saw LegendsofAlcatraz tweet during last night's ep, but didn't have time to look at the puzzles until later. I told myself I'd just take a quick look, that I need to sleep, but I caved. Luckily my brain was in a puzzle busting state of mind and I was able to get through 4/5 puzzles in 30min limit I set for myself.

    What's funny is that I did the same thing you did Zort, glanced at Puzzle #4 and assumed that with 42E running this a Grille cipher was involved so skipped it until I got home a few minutes ago. Then I took a closer look and felt silly.

    You get 60 points for registering to play and then 50 points for each puzzle solved. I think you get 30 points for the 1st 3 friends you refer, too.

    I'm much more excited about just having an interactive component to Alcatraz than the prize itself. I'd prefer it if they threw some neat swag our way!

  14. Busy day, so have only done 1 and 3 so far. Will work on them and then look at the general struggle.

  15. Oops, messed up when I typed in the points awarded.

    Easy Puzzles: 50 points (2/round - 6 total - 300 pts )
    Medium Puzzles: 100 points (2/round - 6 total - 600 pts )
    Hard Puzzles: 150 points (1/round - 3 total - 450 pts )
    Referrals: 30 points (points for 1st 3, MAX 90 pts)
    Acceptance: 60 points

    Total Points Available 1,500

    I'm also just realizing that the Mustang is only the grand prize for the 1st phase. I'm kind of wishing I opted myself out when I registered. But then I'm not sure if I'd have had the option to opt back in for the next 2 phases. Ha, as if I'd win any way! Silly ObFuSc8.

  16. I haven't had the time to even look at the puzzles yet :(

  17. The next 6 puzzles are set to unlock today- so I guess when the episode airs as they haven't yet.

  18. NEW POST for the new puzzles.

  19. The solution to puzzle 14 is - stay put

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