Because there is usually lots of confusion over the definition of spoilers, we have come up with the following clear and "final" standards that we now ask all of our commenters to try their best to adhere to as they post their thoughts on this blog. If you see commenters deviating from these standards, please patiently guide them to or remind them of the contents of this post.

Comments containing content that this community has defined as "spoiler" material is not acceptable on this blog. Please be very sensitive and thoughtful when posting in the comments not to include or allude to information about not-yet-aired episodes that fits the following description of spoilers.
  1. Contents of any US promo that airs immediately after an episode of Alcatraz ARE NOT spoilers.
  2. Contents of subsequent US promos and/or Canadian promos ARE spoilers.
  3. Personal speculations on what might happen (based solely on past episodes) ARE OBVIOUSLY NOT spoilers.
  4. Contents of any Official Podcast that mention already-aired actors/directors/plotlines/flashbacks/etc ARE NOT spoilers.
  5. Contents of any Official Podcast that mention not-yet-aired actors/directors/plotlines/flashbacks/etc ARE spoilers.
  6. Contents of fox.com, or any other "Sneak Peek" scenes (often available on YouTube) ARE spoilers.
  7. Contents of unoffical publications or podcasts that mention not-yet-aired actors/directors/plotlines/flashback plans/etc ARE spoilers.