Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Legends of Alcatraz Puzzles 26-30 Solutions 11

Below you can find the solution to each puzzle, just click on the title to reveal the solution.

Puzzle 28 seemed to give people the most trouble this time, although the answer is relatively simple now we know what it is !

Thanks again to everyone that assisted in the comments.

Click on the images to see larger versions

Puzzle 26 - Note To Self

An excercise in lateral thinking to translate the seemingly random characters.

Puzzle 27 - Boxed In

The clue here is "running in circles", follow the text in a circle to read the message.

The difficult bit is knowing where to start.

Puzzle 28 - Dearly Departed

From the two grids find the letters that match in both.

Then read the required answer by reading the first letter in each column and then the second letter in each column.

Puzzle 29 - Secret Decoder

As the description says, we have to decode the password. Each time this puzzle loads there is a different word to decode.

Start by entering seven letters and seeing if any of them are green (correct letter in the correct place) or yellow (correct letter in the wrong place).

By the time you get to the final try you should have been able to eliminate letters and have most if not all of them, if they are not in the right place then anagram them until you get an answer.

Once you have entered the correct password you get two emails and the answer for the puzzle is the two words in uppercase.

The content of the emails is interesting if you are following the story of this section of the Legends of Alcatraz.

Puzzle 30 - Poison Pen

The hard puzzle isn't that hard again, once you know what you are looking for.

There are two clues "This letter spelled the beginning of the end for Jasper" and "To make sense of my ramblings take note of where my words end and begin to see that I am actually quite direct."

Look for words that have the same end and start letter and take that letter as each part of the answer.


  1. I appreciate all the solutions to the puzzles. Without you guys I'd get nowhere! Thanks, Zort!

  2. thanks for all the hard work everyone. I solved all but 28 and im still stuck. I have the letters but its not working im missing something so simple. anymore tips?

    1. Me too, I think I got the first name (horace) but the next set of letters makes no sense

  3. thats where im at, and not sure if it has sr at the end either

  4. i finally got it, just took time trying different things

  5. NEW POST for the next Legends of Alcatraz event info.

  6. Aha! I made it through this round of puzzles without any hints. Previous rounds I did not have the patience and kept coming here for help. There are couple I never would have figured out on my own so I am glad to have this blog available as a resource.

  7. Thanks Zort and all. Did some without and some with hints this time. Glad you are here and hope I am learning something!

  8. In trying to wrap my mind around these puzzles, I think I pulled something.
    I like to go down swinging, and then come back here to lick my wounds.

  9. I love a challenge and I am usually looking for a more complex solution than I need to.


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