Thursday, 22 March 2012

Legends of alcatraz Puzzles 36 to 40 Solutions 6

Below you can find the solution to each puzzle, just click on the title to reveal the solution.

Thanks as always to everyone that assisted in the comments.

Click on the images to see larger versions

Puzzle 36 - Spelled Out

It helps to use the print button for this puzzle as you get a clearer map of the cells.

Use the letter next to each cell to spell the answer.

Puzzle 37 - It's Elemental

Simply use element abbreviations to spell out the answer.

Puzzle 38 - Dual Meaning

Taking your clue from the title of this puzzle, use each occurence of the double letters from the note to form the answer.

Puzzle 39 - Stacked Deck

The puzzle description gives you instructions so arranging the cards in the right order should be easy :-)

Puzzle 40 - Cell Hopping

The description gives you instructions and as Just Thinking wrote in the comments :-

The black empty cells don't have inmates, but are counted in the spacing.

You can work logic chains starting with the Doc in the list in both directions.

It is helpful to see who is on both ends of the cell rows.


  1. Still lurking along here. Thanks for all the help gang!

  2. Hey, Maven. Me too. I finally finish this round (no cheating, DING!).

    Thanks Zort70 for hosting this blog. I'll check back in on the 25th. :)

  3. I don't know if anyone has noticed, but the LoA website has been updated with a video from the event in Austin at SXSW.

  4. final tag line... now it's your turn to find him [Thom]. Hmmm...

  5. NEW POST for the final (?) set of puzzles


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