Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Legends Of Alcatraz Puzzles 41 - 45 33

The final set of puzzles has been uploaded to the Legends of Alcatraz site.

There are also a couple of videos of the car chase scene from the final episodes of Alcatraz season 1.

Also in case you missed it on The Legend puzzle page

Cutting Corners
One-Eyed Royals
Picture This
Want Ads

Solitary Man

This puzzle appears to be blank on my browser, so it may unlock when the other puzzles are solved.

mjstarr pointed out in the comments that the puzzle is there, it is just very difficult to see. I have enhanced it slightly and this was the result.


  1. 45 isn't blank make your screen brighter and bigger it's there!!

  2. Yes, I've noticed it now the sun has gone in !

    It also appears to be getting easier to read as time goes by.

  3. It maybe that my eyes are just staring at it too much !

    I've had a go at enhancing it and added an easier to read version.

  4. i wish i could get it to print...

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I have worked with the picture and HERE is what i have, now to figure out how to solve...

    I think all of this weeks except for the first one is challenging.

  7. I have the answers to the first four now, and I think I was right the final puzzle is getting brighter / clearer as the day goes on.

  8. I'm guessing for 45 that there is either an 8 letter or 16 letter answer, as we have 8 times, which you could take as two separate number pairs.

    However how we apply those numbers to the letters is another matter.

  9. From the image Lee posted earlier there appears to be an M in the darker section of the wall.

    I wonder if the image will fade up more and give us more information ?

  10. I think this is all the letters (not in any order, as they aren't in the puzzle


    and if that is the list then this is the frequency

    I 1
    J 1
    B 2
    H 2
    G 3
    N 3
    O 3
    Y 3
    C 4
    L 5
    R 5
    A 6
    S 6
    E 7
    M 8
    T 8

  11. I think we could try changing the clock on our computers to the times specified and see where the sun is and if the corner points to a letter. (I cant do this at the moment because I'm at work and don't have administrator privileges over my computer.

  12. Doesn't seem to take the local computer time into consideration.

    I see there are more letters now, so I think it's a case of waiting to see what appears.

  13. We need people to watch which letter the window bar lands on at the times specified.

  14. Hi all.

    I'm apologizing in advance for typos because I'm pressed for time and am trying to do this and follow Puzzle 45 from my phone.

    I got through #41-44 last night. I tried to brute force #45 by playing with the image in photoshop and trying to predict the shadow/light that might appear but that really didn't work, though I did get a laugh from some of the word combos I got. The puzzle has it's own clock -- I tried changing my computer's clock last night, but that has no effect. Changing the time in the image's URL also has no effect -- you can't force the puzzle to spit out all 8 shadows.

    I'm sure you've noticed the shadow of the window crossbars as it moves with time. Certain letters end up within the intersection of the crossbars (like gun-sight crosshairs) at key times -- I'm pretty sure that's what we're looking for.

    Since Alcatraz is Pacific time (and the "crosshairs" don't even make an appearance until 4:02PM in my time zone), I'm pretty sure the times scratched in the wall are all PT, so you'll have to convert that to your local time. The first 3 times have elapsed (2:14PM, 2:54PM, 3:22PM)-- I've saved those images. (I wasn't totally sure if they'd let the puzzle adjust to our time zones so I saved pics from the corresponding times in my time zone (central) as well.)

    Be careful when saving the image -- the puzzle saves the image wherever it is in it's clock at the time you hit save. So, if you open the image in a new tab and then wait to save it, you'll find the image your computer saves isn't the one you wanted.

    Letters so far:

    -Central time:
    2:14PM LSET (No crossbar, just upper rt. window quad)
    2:54PM LSETMTAR (No crossbar, just upper rt. window quad)
    3:22PM LSETMTARLEEY (No crossbar, just upper rt. window quad)
    4:02PM T (barely seen in crossbar intersection)
    M (in vertical crossbar)
    4:14PM S (in crossbar intersection -
    but likely b/c this is 2:14PM PT)
    5:10PM E (in crossbar intersection)
    Yeah, I see this is alphabet soup but will finish since only
    6:06PM & 6:26PM are left

    -Pacific time: (All from crossbar intersection)
    2:14PM S
    2:54PM A
    3:22PM Y

    I'm going to try and see if I can predict the last 4 letters based on the shadow movement of intervals from the first four.

    1. I solved it if you want to know what it is. I guessed the letters based off the movement. You are on the right track with the Pacific Time letters in the intersection.

    2. Thanks, but I guessed the answer the same way as I posted below -- my post may have just taken a few minutes to come up.

  15. That worked -- predicted next couple letters and have guessed #45 correctly. I'll still try to capture the images for all 8 times.

  16. Never mind see you got it too. I was tracking this thing like all day. I did eastern time too, but that didn't work. Some good puzzles this week.

  17. All I gotta say is that puzzle 45 is super cool. Really emphasizes that prison feeling.

    1. Yeah, except that from what we saw of The Hole, there was no natural light.

  18. thanks OB, that's was the best of the bunch!

    1. You're welcome -- it was really fun and clever. And they did a great job of making meddle proof -- so we just couldn't change times in computer or URL to force the images we wanted.

  19. i really hope they do this again next season...what fun!! 45 was very clever

  20. I've gottan all of them except for 43 now, I have no idea why my brain just can not seem to grasp this one at the moment, I feel like Im missing something very simple :(

    1. Puzzle #43 -- Picture This:

      He even had time to ASSEMBLE this enigmatic portfolio of toy block images and left them behind as a sarcastic farewell to the guards.

      There are 4 pics, each with 4 letters. Notice 2 of the pics have numbered blocks as well (making 4 numbered blocks total). You'll have to ASSEMBLE columns of blocks in the correct order and then you should be able to read the answer.

  21. Thanks for the help there, stepped away to make dinner, came back and got it. Feeling a tad bit sheepish after getting it though lol

  22. 41-44 done. now onto 45 that has taken me all day, and now i have to wait till tommorow night to continue it lol.

  23. just noticed im only at 1260/1500 points with #45 to go .. hmmmm, missing 90 somewhere when all the puzzles are done. any ideas? (And i know limit is 1k)

  24. Morning all, good work on the puzzles this week.

    stlmyke, you have / had to recommend people using the email link to gain those extra points.

  25. Just a thought, if you haven't already done so it might be a good thing to thank Legends of Alcatraz and Ford for the puzzles.

    It can't help to let them know how much we have appreciated it all. My tweet from The Rock Mysteries account was -

    @FordMustang Thanks for sponsoring @AlcatrazLegends and @AlcatrazonFOX it has been a great experience tracking them down #LegendsOfAlcatraz

  26. you have to invite 3 friends via email at the bottom of the page to get the last 90 points.. i made up email addresses and it worked

  27. Puzzle 45 intrigues me. Did they actually make a set and film as the sun moved, then just repeat the video each 24 hours? That would prevent tampering with your CPU clock to advance the puzzle.

    One hole in the puzzle's back story is that it would only work 2 times per year. The Earth's tilt and orbit change both the angle of the Sun and the length of the day. It's possible it would only work one time per year if it was aligned with summer or winter solstice.


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