Friday, 16 March 2012

Rocks For Fox 5

The good people at the Ph.Geek website have a great idea to help let Fox know that we are all eager for more Alcatraz episodes to be made.

Visit the site and watch the video, but the very simple, and hopefully effective idea is that we send a rock, with a written message, in the mail to Fox.

Send your rock now and show your support.


  1. In case you missed it over the weekend, I created some icons to try and help support the campaign.

    I've put some colour options on my Tumblr account.

    Also some larger versions if you want to print one off and send with / instead of your rock.

    Version 1

    Version 2

  2. Thanks for making the icons Zort. I've already sent my massive rock request to Fox. I'm expecting an call from Homeland Security any minute Maybe I should have waited a day or two. Your pictures seem imposing. :)

  3. Oh by the way @PodcastAlcatraz is going to be live blogging during the tv show, in the eastern time zone, tonight at their website. ph.geek for anyone who is interessted.

  4. NEW POST for the new puzzles


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