Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Legends of Alcatraz - Puzzle 1 to 5 Solutions 12

Below you can find the solution to each game, just click on the title to reveal the solution.

Click on the images to see larger versions

Game 1 - A Better View

Game 1 is simply a case of working out which items marked on the map relate to the clues.

Then fill in the crossword grid and read off the line that passes through all the clues.
Game 2 - The Chase

This game involves manipulating the image of the tyre tracks so that the solution is visible.

You don't need to use an electronic image editor, SG_Tess printed a copy off and oriented it so that the words could be read.
Game 3 - Across The Bay

For this game if you watch the lighthouse you will see it flash.

If you write down the flash pattern as dots and dashes for short and long flashes you get a morse code pattern.
Game 4 - Mind Game

The clue for this is at the top of the page "Checkmate in one".

Solve the chess puzzle by determining what is the checkmate move.

Take the starting position row and column and the end position row and column. This gives you two letters and two numbers from each puzzle.

The number then corresponds to the position of the letter in the solution.
Game 5 - Rise Up

In this puzzle there are two letters in black, these are correct letters in the solution.

The puzzle says "are you giving up or going down?" This is the second part of the clue.

If a letter appears one step below the black letters then subtract 1 from it's position in the alphabet, if it is one step up then add one to it's position.


  1. That works good. Zooming in sorta works too!

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  3. On Game 4, the bottom left chessboard has 2 solutions. Just thought everyone should know.

  4. On Game 4, the bottom right doesn't require any moves for checkmate. It's already there. It makes no sense to do a move after checkmate!

  5. Hint on #4- but not solution- if anyone wants it. Read the wHOLE description and guess away. Only took two tries when I did that.

  6. Oh- funny- I just read the "real" solution to #4! Well, my way will work for the non-players.

  7. I hope I didn't give away too much! Fox sorta screwed up...or maybe I'm becomming a better strategist?

  8. The next set of keys are unlocked. HELP!

  9. I did get #6! Proud of myself.

  10. Hi Maven. I've been looking at them, but I could use some hints! Ah well.

  11. Morning all, just going to take a look now.

  12. Ok, NEW POST for the new puzzles.


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