Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Legends of Alcatraz Puzzle Keys 11 to 15 10

The final set of puzzles in the Legends of Alcatraz win a Ford Ford Mustang Sweepstake have been released. The puzzles are again marked as 2 Easy, 2 Medium and 1 Hard puzzle.

Why not oin us in the comments to try and solve the puzzles, but please don't leave a comment with any of the answers just yet.

Gone Missing
Set Adrift
Notes From The Slab
Notes From The Slab
A Man Of Letters


  1. Hi all, I've entered all the answers now and section 2 is unlocked.

    It says Continue the adventure in Brooklyn on Friday Feb 17th 7:30pm

  2. Ooops, just noticed it was open anyway, you don't have to solve the puzzles.

    Still it's good news for those around New York.

  3. Wonder how longer the adventure will last?

  4. I'm not sure, maybe the third element will be a longer set of puzzles, maybe with weekly prizes ?

    That would be good.

  5. I've added a post for the latest podcast from David and Steve

  6. Hiya fellow code-breaking peeps!

    Had a little break at work and thought I'd get caught up here.

    How fun, Section 2 is already open! Haha, their little Valentine's Day present for us?! I wonder what time they did that? I didn't see Section 2 open last night, but then I really didn't spend much time on the main page -- I just wanted to get the last 5 puzzles completed.

    It's cool that they're launching this second leg with another live event and that it'll be in NY. I didn't think they would launch the second phase so quickly, but this makes sense since the NY live event and Phase 2 all fit within Alcatraz's on-air schedule.

    Fox tweaked it's 2012 spring schedule so that Alcatraz will run through March 26, which gives us six weeks. They'd be able to stay with the current pattern of releasing puzzles, 1 set/week and 3 weeks/phase, which would mean Phase 3 would launch March 12 (hopefully preceded by another live event). Since Phase 1 was "The Keys" and Phase 2 is "The Heists" maybe Phase 3 will be "The Rewards" (or "The Loot" or "The Booty"?)

    I wonder what the prizes for Phases 2 & 3 will be? I'd love to have weekly mini-prizes (show related swag, of course) but I'm guessing they're going to stick to the 1 prize per 3 week phase format. It would make things interesting if the solution for one puzzle unlocked the next, or was part the key to the next, especially when we get to the 3rd Phase but it seems like they're keeping this uncomplicated.

  7. Puzzles 11-15 were pretty straightforward, although I the format/spacing/wording for the answers on a couple of them was a bit tricky.

    The Mark of the Spider-Man ARG is in the middle of a very eventful day with drops in 6 cities. I'm just watching what unfolds for now to see if things get interesting with puzzles and more dead drops.

    I'll RT Zort's tweet about the NY Phase 2 live event and tweet it around.

  8. Thanks Ob, good to see you are keeping up with things :-)

    The Spiderman thing looks cool, but I haven't had much time today to follow it.

  9. Having watched the Paxton Petty episode last night I was getting ready to solve the puzzle when I saw the letter with the circled words.

    It looked just like one of the puzzles we have been solving :-)


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